Barebacking A 19 Year Old Petty Offender

Photo of Barebacking  A 19 Year Old Petty Offender
Photo of Barebacking  A 19 Year Old Petty Offender

Our 19 year old blond friend thinks he is really too cool, considering his stay with us as only a temporary vacation. Although by nature he is quiet enough and not much of a bother, he also thinks that because he seems like such a goody-two-shoes that he can break the rules when he feels like it. We here at the Halfway House, however, try to enforce a strict environment. A no-tolerance policy is just what these shitheads need if they are ever going to be useful members of society.

Having given him the speech, I decided to take it up a notch so that he wouldn't mindlessly forget where he is, or who he has to answer to for his actions. After having him strip down to his wifebeater and undies, I whip my cock out and have him start stroking it. Even with that, as he is looking up at me, I can tell he is being impertinent. I was just going to have him blow me, but he really just starts to piss me off. With that, I grab him by the hair and shove him down on his knees. He takes my cock in his mouth like without saying a word. That doesn't stop those tears from flowing down his cheek, though! As a matter of fact, it feels really good. I make sure, as I begin to face fuck him, that my dick is banging against the back of his throat as much as possible. When I move him to the bed to fuck his face some more, I notice that he has a raging boner! I guess he doesn't get touched by another human that much. I wonder what his supposed girlfriend would think about him popping wood while he has a cock in his mouth?

Once I'm done with his mouth, I go for his ass. His hole is pretty and pink, and it seems fairly loose already - which surprises me a little. I'm not sure that means he was getting fucked a lot on the outside or that is just the way his asshole is (maybe both?). Well, when I see that he is nice and loose for my dick, I take it, lube it up and shove it in raw. The first sensation was that he really is tight, and he was fighting it. I put more lube on and ease him in slowly the way I would bareback any ass virgin. I fuck him missionary, and doggie. By the time I've been going at it a few minutes, I can manage to shove it in deep, and I press the base of my dick against his insides as he lets out several deep moans of agony. Flipping him over once more, I fuck him fast until I am getting close, then I move up to his mouth and instruct him to get himself off while he is sucking me off. He cums, and then I cum right into his mouth. He gags at the displeasure of tasting cum for the first time, but he swears that he will never break the rules again. Time will tell.

Categories: 18/19, Ass Play / Fingering, Ass To Mouth, Bareback, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Cum Swallowing, Fucking, Hand Job, POV, Resident Cums, Slapping, Str8, Verbal, Virgin
Details: 34 min
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