Always Root For The Winner

Photo of Always Root For The Winner
Photo of Always Root For The Winner

When it comes to disagreements between a House Manager and a resident, the Manager always wins. Since the Manager's make up the rules, it definitely puts them at a great advantage when dealing with all the miscreants and slobs. The newbies, having only experienced coddling and authority figures who believe their sob stories, always think that they can get one over. After their first surprise inspection, they are completely disabused of this notion. This new resident found out the hard way that he can't pull one over on the Manager in charge. As a matter of fact, his contraband led to a serious dicking down.

He's a muscled young man with a very nice bod, but this Manager's favorite thing about the resident was his face - when it was staring up at him, mouth filled with cock. After some great BJ action on his knees, the resident is moved on his back on the bed for a proper face fucking before his hole opening. There's a lot of ball sucking and shaft licking before this beefy stud finally is made to throw his legs up in the air. When he does, he reveals a tight hole that will take a bit of work. The Manager, though, is up for the challenge.

The House Manager takes his time loosening up that ass with his thick cock, first in missionary. Before long, he's in the clear and thrusting away at this no-good resident. Being on his knees, though, is the best look for this resident. He has amazing gluts, and when his cunt is getting stuffed with dick, they look even better. It must have been one great fuck because the Manager's load was massive. The cum dripping from the resident's butt was warm and juicy, too. Not a bad reprimand session for a weekday afternoon!

Categories: Ass Play / Fingering, Bareback, Blowjob, Fucking, Slapping
Details: 36 min
Photo of Jeremiah

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