Even Now A Deadbeat

Photo of Even Now A Deadbeat
Photo of Even Now A Deadbeat

Sometimes the residents who have been with us the longest are actually the biggest problem. You see, there is a tendency to not take recovery seriously after a while. You go through the motions, get used to your little insulated world, and become way too comfortable with the present. Case in point is this resident: He thinks because he knows his way around the House rules, he can break them at will. Sneak out to see some friends at night? Sure. Well, our House Managers know all the little tricks, and soon enough this deadbeat was getting his comeuppance. He barely tried to deny any wrongdoing, but he sure did drop to his knees quickly. This guy definitely has a type of Stockholm syndrome thing going on with the House Managers. But hey - at least he sucks good dick. Even better, his ass feels amazing.

Before long, this loser's legs were in the air and he was taking a pounding! He barely needed to be loosened up, and the Manager's cock just slides right in and out. As he picks up the pace, the resident moans and groans. To tell you the truth, this resident loves it. He was hard and decided to get his own nt before the Manager dumped his load. After the Manager had fucked him doggie and missionary both, they each get off. The resident is literally covered in wads and wads of cum. He looks perfect that way, actually. Nothing better than seeing a deadbeat in his natural environment: used, wrecked, and covered in jizz.

Categories: Bareback, Blowjob, Cum on Ass, Fucking, Resident Cums
Details: 21 min
Photo of Benvi

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