Not So Sly

Photo of Not So Sly
Photo of Not So Sly

Our House Managers, especially the ones who are around overnight, are keenly attuned to the sounds of windows slipping open. Obviously, when this dipshit thought he could evade curfew by crawling back in through the window, one of our horniest Managers was ready to pounce. Confronted with "getting out or putting out," the resident of course put out. It's just what they do. Before long he was on his knees, and it didn't take him long to grow the Managers cock into a long hard shaft, just perfect for ramming some boy ass.

This Manager doesn't take it easy on the resident, either. He fucks him missionary, sideways, doggie, and back again. With each change of position, his cock slides in more fully, impaling this derelict in the way he deserves for all of the trouble he causes. Like a hostage in Stockholm, of course the guy loved being mistreated, and soon he was pumping his cock. Once the Manager turns him back on his knees, he busts a load all over himself. The Manager nuts, too, and leaves this sorry excuse for a citizen lying on his bed all covered in jizz. He might be pretty, but he's not so sly.

Categories: Ass Play / Fingering, Bareback, Blowjob, Cum on Ass, Fucking, Resident Cums
Details: 6 min
Photo of Jamie S
Jamie S

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