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Virgin Hole Feels Damn Good
Virgin Hole Feels Damn Good
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We have a new resident who is a real peach. He has a unique look, and I'm guessing that he styles himself as quite alternative. Covered in tats. And I guess it's a look that suits him well. He's a pretty boy, too, which isn't a combination you see very often. His bright blue eyes are penetrating, and the ink really pops out from his pale skin. It's a shame that such a nice boy went completely over to the dark end. He hates being at the House, but he would probably hate being just about anywhere. So young, and he is definitely in a hole of his own digging.

Because he doesn't give a shit about himself, he doesn't seem to give a shit about our rules, either. When I confronted him about missing curfew repeatedly, I wasn't sure if he was going to start crying or try to punch me. He's a hard guy to read. But he knew what was up when I had him take his clothing off. In a way, I think he liked that part, because he's always eager to show off his body art. But he certainly didn't like what happened next, and that was when I pulled out my cock. But he turned out to be the submissive bitch that I always thought he was, and he sucked my dick damned good. I coulda nutted down his throat had I not been more interested in that lightly furred butt of his. When I spread his cheeks and saw that pink cunt, I got way to excited to just end his recovery session with a load in the mouth.

He is the ultimate bad boy, at least that's what he wants people to think. But bad boys get fucked too, and his number was up. Like most of the others, he just let me do it, too. As I slid my cock into his hole, he looked half sad and half curious. He loosened up fast, though, and before long he was getting a proper shagging. It was almost like fucking a fallen angel: his hole was that sweet, and it was also the last thing he had that hadn't been defiled yet. But I took care of that, and his hole isn't untouched either, anymore. As I was using him, I was also thinking that he is suited to being a cum dump. He's the kind of guy who won't just get fucked for favors in the future, but probably would let someone do it just because he doesn't like himself very much. But he really should, because his asshole is a true gift to humanity. It felt so fucking good that just having him slowly ride my cock up and down brought out a gusher of jizz. I had him lick off the cum streaming down my pole, and he gagged. So that answered the question of whether he was a cocksucker. Not until now he wasn't. And now he wasn't a butt virgin either.
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