Trying To Fix Broken

Photo of Trying To Fix Broken
Photo of Trying To Fix Broken

The old sneaking out of the window trick and/or sticking your head out of the window trick is the lamest of all ways to break the rules. But this resident isn't too bright. Needless to say, he quickly gets caught and confronted. Getting a tight seal is the least of the House Manager's worries, too. He's much more interested in getting his dick wet. Luckily, this resident is the perfect little slut to do it. After some great ball licking and cock sucking, the Manager gets down to business.

He comes across as such a slacker, but that hole is anything but slacking - it provides a nice warm inviting hole to fill. He gets his pussy stretched wide, too. First in doggie, and then after some ass-to-mouth, on his side. The print of the Manager's hands are clearly visible on his ass, too. This guy can take a pounding as well as getting slapped around a little, and still have time to enjoy it, apparently! After position two, he is down sucking some juicy cock again and he begins to JO. He works himself up and stays erect throughout a nice pounding on his back. He ends up cumming along with his House Manager - what dedication for a derelict!

Categories: Ass To Mouth, Bareback, Fucking, POV, Resident Cums, Slapping
Details: 34 min
Photo of Andrew P
Andrew P

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