Delicate Situation

Photo of Delicate Situation
Photo of Delicate Situation

Everyone thinks one of two things: either they don't care about the rules at all, or they believe that they can break one rule - just every once in a while. Who the fuck cares, among the House Managers, that someone you now has a birthday? These life events happen all the time, and no party of get together should every justify backsliding on a recovery commitment. Unfortunately, this young man hasn't seen the light yet, and it was finally time for someone to knock some sense into him. By "knock some sense," of course, we mean: "choke him on dick and stuff his tight little cunt with cock." It was a delicate situation, because this resident is known to take things the wrong way. After slurping on some pole and getting his extremely tight pink hole bred, however, it seems like he might just have gotten the message.

Categories: Ass Play / Fingering, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Fucking, Older/Younger, POV, Slapping
Details: 21 min
Photo of Taylor G
Taylor G

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