Tell It To The Judge

Photo of Tell It To The Judge
Photo of Tell It To The Judge

It seems like, in this day and age, when the going gets tough, the tough just keep fucking up. At least this is the case with the resident in question in the following pound down. Even though he is in pretty big trouble with the law, and even though he was placed in our care as an opportunity to begin rehabilitating himself, he just can't seem to shake his old ways. He's only nineteen, but my guess is that he has been a problem from day one. Firstly, he thinks everything is a joke, and secondly, he acts as if he can always ask for forgiveness and all will be well. All is not well, anymore, at least with his hole. As head House Manager, I made sure of it.

Once that grin had been wiped off of his face with a few brusque slaps, he was on his knees choking on cock. The more his eyes welled up with tears, the deeper I shoved my dick down his throat. It was good to see him in a rough situation, as he seems like the kind of guy that is just wanting to be reprimanded. He did get some licks in, and as he sucked his own hard on grew. What a mental case. It always amazes me when guys get off on being treated like that. I skull fucked him while his head was leaning off of the bed, and then I inspected his hole. To my surprise, it looked very good - pink, smooth, and tight, just like a teen's hole should. I made it my goal to wreck it, and decided to spit fuck him. Since I was foregoing lube, it took a bit of effort to get some pumping action going, but once he was primed, it was one of the best feeling sensations ever. This resident was born to be fucked.

I fucked his cunt in missionary and doggie, and he looked great in both. I decided that the rest of the time, he'd be doing all of the work. No lazy residents allowed here at the House. I spit on my dick one more time and had him ride me so that I had a great view of his ass. A beautiful ass it is. It's a shame that it will probably be destroyed while incarcerated. I'd prefer to do that myself. Once it started drying out a bit, I had him jump off and go ass to mouth in order to get it more wet, and then he hopped back on. In spite of the face that he was obviously tired, I had him keep going until I had bred his hole. Only then did I let him hop off and take a breath. The ass is good, so he won't be kicked out today or tomorrow, but he definitely knows that he'd better watch his behavior.

Categories: 18/19, Ass Play / Fingering, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Finger Sucking, Fucking, POV, Slapping, Spit in Mouth, Spitting
Details: 32 min
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Danny S

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