Arranging A Solution

Photo of Arranging A Solution
Photo of Arranging A Solution

One of the major precursors to young men ending up in dire need of help is this: they know that what they are doing is wrong, but they think that it is "no big deal." You see, we're not talking about people with a good amount of foresight. They don't understand that each little "no big deal" all can add up to a very big deal. This guy broke one of the House rules, because, even though he knew it was completely against the rules, he didn't connect the dots as to why his breaking the rules might be a bad thing. Well, our trusty House Manager not only knew that the rules had been broken, but he immediately confronted this delinquent.

After explaining that there was a zero tolerance policy, he explained that instead of kicking him out of the House, he'd rather work out an arrangement. The arrangement, of course, was one hot bareback fuck. I wish I could have been in the room when this happened, because to tell you the truth, this guy would be hella fun to tag team. But the manager in charge - well, his dick is unbelievably thick, and the resident is a small guy, so it was a great pound down.

Just shoving his dick into the derelict's mouth gives you a sense of the size difference here. It seemed like the resident was going to end up choking out on cock. But he's a cock-lover for sure, so even though he wasn't digging the scene, his instincts kicked in and he gave some great dome. He even compliantly hopped on the bed to show off his hole. Teen hole is always fun, but this guy was even more so. The manager alternated between admiring his fuck hole and stuffing him like a grape leave in a kabob shop. With his teen hole so stretched out, and getting pounded hard, his facial expressions let the manager know that he was a bit uncomfortable, but still he did as he was told.

After a good fucking in both doggie and missionary, the Manager dumped his load. It was a big load, too! Time will tell whether this resident will break another rule. It's a fifty fifty proposition, but all of us other Managers hope that he does it on one of our watches.

Categories: 18/19, Ass Play / Fingering, Bareback, Blowjob, Fucking, POV
Details: 36 min
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Eli B

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