Petty Thief Pays With His Ass

Photo of Petty Thief Pays With His Ass
Photo of Petty Thief Pays With His Ass

Hunter was re-assigned to the House after he turned 18. These days, a lot of jurisdictions will place would-be juvie felons in a group home, and if they come from a wrecked family, then they basically just live there indefinitely. They used to be called orphanages, and they aren't any prettier today than they were back in Oliver Twist's time. However, upon reaching the age of majority, these derelicts are quickly shifted from one part of the system to another - that's where we at the House come in. And unlike those "group homes" filled with a bunch of well-meaning, motivational quote-saying goody-two-shoes, our Halfway House is much more intense, and we are poised to impose real life lessons on the guys.

What's are the lessons that young Hunter needs to learn? First off, stop being a petty thief. Secondly, get a skill - there's more to life than living with a chick who's on welfare and food stamps then playing video games all day. Thirdly, when you fail to comply, you will be fucked, at one point or another. Unluckily for Hunter, his first full day at the House was the day he ended up paying for the crimes of his youth.

I explained to him that I intended we become good friends, and then I showed him what I expect out of my friends. His blow job wasn't that good, but it was earnest. To tell you the truth his small smooth hands felt better than his mouth. But what really felt good was that barely legal hole of his. I could have creamed just seconds after sticking my raw dick inside him, but I held off so that he could feel the full effect of retribution.

Granted, he was pretty tight at first, but Hunter's hole loosened up substantially the longer I fucked him. I took care to get him in a lot of different positions. One of my favorites was having his legs curled up while he was on his back. As I grabbed both of his ankles and began to thrust deeper, that's when I finally felt that Hunter and I might wind up being very close friends. His little teenage hole gave way, and from there on it was pretty smooth sailing. Like a lot of small guys who are getting fucked, his gape was spectacular. I kept pulling my dick outta him just so I could gaze on that beautiful wide-open, cavernous asshole. One of those times that I pulled out, I shoved my dick in his mouth, so that he could know what his ass juice tastes like. I don't think he liked it too much, but maybe it's an acquired taste. When I laid him on his side and began to slam him, I choked him out some, and that's when he began to whimper. Even once I put him back into missionary, the howls and whimpering continued unabated. It was music to my ears. Those moans and groans are the sounds of justice finally being done.

I couldn't decide whether to nut in his mouth or in his hole, so I decided to nut in both. Since he had such a wide hole after all that pummeling, I flipped him upside down, stood over him, and came everywhere. My streams of jizz caught on his tongue and face as well as into his awaiting hole. That was one hot fuck. Time will tell, however, whether Hunter is truly reformed. In the meantime, though, I've got another good friend to rely on until his time is up.

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Details: 29 min
Photo of Hunter Gold
Hunter Gold

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