Rooting Out Delinquency

Photo of Rooting Out Delinquency
Photo of Rooting Out Delinquency

The House Manager had a lot of fun with this delinquent. In fact, he had a good root. That's slang for fucking in some parts of the world. And it is very appropriate with this dipshit resident we recently found wasting our time. He'll never be worth a damn, except for maybe some sexual favors now and then. Thus, in the meantime we Managers will be showing him how it's done. He does look great on his knees, with a fat cock in his mouth, and the Manager made sure he did a good amount of ball worship as well. The Manager decided to open him up in doggie, and found his hole quite nice. This young guy can take it deep! After being rolled over for some foot job action, the resident was entered once again, and this time the Manager picked up the pace of the thrusting. The poor bloke got his cunt blown out good! Funny thing is, he loved it, and he sucked the Manager's cock in order to bust a nut himself, before getting back on his knees for an amazing spray of jizz. Some of the cum landed on his cheeks, but most of it landed in his mouth. We aren't sure if he will repent of his delinquent ways, but damn! - he sure is fun to fuck!

Categories: Bareback, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Facial, Foot Play / Feet, Resident Cums
Details: 36 min
Photo of Benny

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