Smack Talking Losers

Photo of Smack Talking Losers
Photo of Smack Talking Losers

It's not often a House Manager gets to reprimand two residents at once, so believe me, when this does happen, us House Managers make the most of it. These two dipshits were both on their knees sucking my cock together almost before they realized it. It was awesome having two young men's mouths simultaneously licking my pole, and when they looked up at me, taking turns on my dick, it almost made me want to give them a break. However, the Halfway House is known for the strictest discipline, so we moved on two step two. I made the ringleader suck my cock and his buddy's before he sat down on my dick to take a ride. As he impaled himself on my pole, he continues sucking the other guy. I've fucked him before, by himself, but it seems that he made an extra effort seeing how pissed off I was.

I decided to take a look at what we were dealing with, and I instructed the boys to get on the edge of the bed with their legs up, so that I could inspect their holes. Both look delicious, even though the one had just been riding me. The other needed some roughing up, I decided, and so I took his ass next. His ass was just as good, too! I fucked this delinquent on his back, on his knees and with him riding me. All the while I was about to bust - it felt so amazing, and his buddy was sucking his dick and I even had him rim his ass once I was done fucking him.

I saved the best for last, of course. I had one resident on his back underneath the other, who was in doggie. I alternated between the young one's ass and the other one's mouth, until I was so close I couldn't take it anymore. I then busted all over one's face and the other's ass, and made the ringleader felch my cum off of his friend's hole. Then he licked my cock clean and swallowed it all. So much fun to be had, considering the loser factor is so high with these guys. But, hey, everyone has their one special use, right?

Categories: 18/19, Ass Play / Fingering, Ass To Mouth, Bareback, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Cum on Ass, Cum Swallowing, Facial, Fucking, Older/Younger, One on Two, POV, Rimming, Slapping
Details: 32 min
Photo of Danny S
Danny S
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