Home Sweet Home

Photo of Home Sweet Home
Photo of Home Sweet Home

When a new guy, especially a younger man, checks into the House, it can be disorienting. After all, it's a complete upheaval in his life. Moving from a world of chaos, instability, and dependence into a place with rules and hard work can be a challenge. This guy, for example, had lived with a family member until she got tired of him. She is probably the one who turned him in after she got sick of his shit. Well, our Manager in charge sure did welcome him into the House.

After explaining the rules and all that happy horseshit, the Manager notes that our newest resident seems quite skinny and needs to eat and workout more. Nothing breeds compliance better than berating someone with a low self-esteem. But what works even better is letting him know right away that he is just a fucking cum rag. So, in short order this newbie had a fat cock being shoved down his throat. As he was getting face fucked, I'm sure that the Manager was thinking this guy was a winner, because his cock sucking skills are superb. "Day by day" is his newest tattoo, but it might as well be "Cock by cock."

Some intense fingering follows until his teen pussy is nice and wet, and then he gets railed - big time. Starting out in missionary, there's such a contrast between this small guy's skinny legs and the Manager's massive cock. It's hot as can be. The look on the resident's face is priceless, too. He just looks like someone who needs to be fucked in order to feel safe. Just the kind of resident we like around here! After some more asshole inspection, the Manager rolls him over and fucks him until he breeds his ass, and oddly enough this made the teen cum while the Manager sticks his dick back in! Then, our newest boy slut goes ass-to-mouth, slurping off the last drops of cum from the Manager's pole. We're all gonna have a lot of fun with this one, that's for sure. Home, sweet home for him!

Categories: 18/19, Ass Play / Fingering, Ass To Mouth, Bareback, Blowjob, Creampie, Cum Smearing, Finger Sucking, Fucking, Older/Younger, POV, Resident Cums
Details: 38 min
Photo of Levi R
Levi R

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