Anything To Stay

Photo of Anything To Stay
Photo of Anything To Stay

Not only did this resident miss his meeting, he slept well into the afternoon! I'm sure there were many serious infractions going on the night before, but the issue at hand is that he can't seem to get on the right track enough to be available to work on his personal demons. At least I have the time to help him on his way.

I woke him from his slumber and not so gently chided him verbally. However, I could see that this wasn't going to do the trick, so he was off that top bunk and down on his knees quicker than most. I was more than happy to have him wash away his sins by chomping on my pole, too. He's got an amazing ass, and his cock sucking skills are better than most. He isn't afraid to work dick with his mouth until he is crying. And to tell you the truth, that means a lot to me. It shows that some things CAN motivate him.

Well, after slapping him around some and enjoying his silky tongue, I moved on to breaking him in from behind. Given his dick slurping prowess, I was actually quite surprised by how super tight his hole was. It took me a good minute to even work my cock head in there, and several more minutes after that to loosen up his love canal. I guess his past experiences tricking for party favors must have ended with him swallowing, because he definitely doesn't have an ass that's been fucked much, or at least not in a long long time.

Persistence pays off, though, and before long he was gaping and red just like a proper whore. The swollenness of his cunt didn't stop me from banging him in several more positions, though. When I was done with him he was crying for real, lying there on the floor. He was full of jizz, too, because I bred that delinquent for all it was worth. Yep, this one will do anything. Good to know.

Categories: Ass Play / Fingering, Bareback, Creampie, Finger Sucking, Fucking, Older/Younger, POV, Slapping, Spit in Mouth, Spitting, Str8
Details: 32 min
Photo of Ashton S
Ashton S

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