Dirty Nasty Delinquents

Photo of Dirty Nasty Delinquents
Photo of Dirty Nasty Delinquents

When I confronted a resident the other day about some, um, disallowed contraband, he immediately ratted out his buddy, a fellow resident. Well, no one loves a rat, but I sure did that day, because it gave me the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. I called the other dipshit into the room. He was grinning from ear to ear, because he thought it was funny. Well, recovery is a serious business, and I intended to make sure there were no smirks by the time I was through with them. I had my cock out and one both of them on their knees very quickly.

The only thing better than a BJ from a sexy young straight guy is a BJ from two of them, and I made sure that each of them got more than enough cock in their mouths to last them a while. I have to admit, even though I think these guys are total losers, when they each had a tongue on my cock at the same time, with their eyes both just staring up at me, I almost thought that there was something maybe redeemable about them. They both sucked my cock so good that I jumped up on the bed and had them continue passing my pole back and forth between them, enjoying every second of their warm soft mouths going down on me.

But the only thing better than getting blown by two losers at once is fucking them side by side. So I proceeded to bareback each of their holes in sequence. With one holding the other's legs in the air, I loosened up the short one. He sure was squirming, and I don't think he was taking to it very well, but it just made me harder seeing the pain on his face. Once I started banging the other one, I made sure to have a finger in that one's hole so that it wouldn't close up again. And for good measure, after a good few minutes of fucking his partner in crime, I pulled my dick and and shoved it right into his mouth, so that he could taste that sweet combination of his friend's ass juice and lube. Then I had them both lick my dick clean of it. If this type of thing doesn't scare someone straight, I don't know what would. But they are dumb, so who knows.

The bigger one definitely took dick better, so I had him ride me cock while his little buddy helped him keep his balance. Damn, this guy can take a dick. It all makes sense to me now why he is so lazy - he probably had been using his ass for favors longer than I'd thought. It's funny, you can never really tell a person's whole story until you have your cock in his hole. But the hole tells all.

I finished off by getting them next to each other on the ground and having them stick their tongues out. I busted a massive nut and got some into each of their mouths, and then I had them lick my cock clean. I'll tell you what, I haven't had so much ATM action in a long time, let alone with two residents at once. But what do you expect from two of the dirtiest, nastiest delinquents in the House?

Categories: 18/19, Ass Play / Fingering, Ass To Mouth, Bareback, Blowjob, Cum in Mouth, Cum Swallowing, Facial, Fucking, One on Two, POV, Slapping, Spitting, Str8
Details: 26 min
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